Shepherding Ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood (FPCI)

Vision: Our Shepherding Ministry of FPCI seeks to serve the body of believers by
loving, serving, setting and example, leading and equipping them for service to Our Lord.
Purpose: The purpose of the Shepherding Ministry of FPCI is to tend to the spiritual
welfare of believers over the course of time by watching over, guiding and nurturing
them to become more Christ like.
Goals: The goals of our Shepherding Ministry of FPCI, with the services of Pastors,
Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Members, are to develop a network of Shepherds within
our church strengthen the body of believers (our Sheep/Flock) within our church.

  • Goal 1: To have a joint meeting with all Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Members to ensure that everyone is willing to take on their role as a “Shepherd” and to make any adjustments to the proposed “Shepherding List” (attached).
  • Goal 2: To provide the tools each Shepherd will need to feel comfortable tending their Sheep.
  • Goal 3: To divide the congregation among the Shepherds to ensure that all Sheep (member and/or friend of the church) has a Shepherd.
  • Goal 4: For all Sheep and Shepherds to grow in God’s Word.
  • Goal 5: For all Sheep and Shepherds to serve as God’s disciples.
  • Goal 6: For all Sheep and Shepherds to be good stewards to God’s Kingdom

Overview of Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Each Shepherding Team will divide up their Sheep between the Shepherds. This will:

a. Help prevent burnout as no one person has to do it all
b. Increase the potential for people being ministered to that best fit of their specific temperament, background or learning style
c. Allow each Shepherd with a different gift or gift mix, temperament, passion, background, etc. to find a different approach to feed their Sheep.

2. Each Shepherd will be expected to communicate and connect with her/his Sheep.

a. Shepherds will be expected to make an initial contact with their Sheep to explain the newly formed Shepherding Ministry
b. After the initial contact, Shepherds will be expected to contact their Sheep on a personal level once every four (4) for those Sheep that do not attend church on a regular basis and every six (6) weeks for those Sheep that do attend church on a regular basis. Shepherds will keep a record of when the contact with their Sheep was made and any special needs of the any given Sheep.
c. If a Shepherd’s Sheep attend church regularly, as their Shepherd you should track their attendance weekly (if you know you will be unable to attend church on a given week(s), ask another member of your Shepherding Team Ministry to take your Flock’s attendance for you. If one of your Sheep does not attend church for two weeks in a row, make a follow up call to see if they need some type of special attention. If you have done your follow-up and the Sheep are still not coming to church, contact a member of the Evangelism & Fellowship Ministry for assistance.

3. It is important that all Shepherds keep forefront in their minds that if a Shepherding Ministry does not point the Sheep (people of the congregation) to the Chief Shepherd (Christ) and His power and provision, it is unhealthy Ministry and will tend to produce dependent or crippled sheep rather than whole and productive sheep.

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